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The Headington Occasional is a new independent magazine for Headington. Written, produced and printed locally, the Headington Occasional will immerse itself in everything that makes Headington one of Oxford’s most vibrant and interesting areas.

Inspired by the people, institutions, organisations and businesses that make Headington what it is, the Headington Occasional will provide news, features, comment and reviews to explore and promote the many events, initiatives and personalities that combine to make Headington an exciting and thriving community. The Occasional will be discussing and celebrating the achievements of everything and everyone – including the universities, hospitals and schools, the businesses, groups and gatherings – that play a part in making Headington such an interesting place to live, work and study.

We are currently working on the launch issue and are now seeking support to enable the Headington Occasional to become a viable and sustainable feature of Headington life.


The Headington Occasional Q&A

What is it?

The Headington Occasional is a magazine produced in a traditional printed format and dedicated to all aspects of life, work and study in Headington. The Occasional will include news, comment, interviews and articles, along with listings and contact details for local events, community groups and organisations. It will also provide opportunities for local businesses to reach their local customer base effectively and affordably. The Headington Occasional will be produced using services and materials sourced from as close to the shark as possible.

Who’s behind it?

The Headington Occasional has been developed by Barnaby Kemp and Jonny Ives, journalists who have lived and worked in Headington for many years. They are drawing on the skills and support of Headington’s network of writers, artists and photographers to produce a magazine that they hope will prove interesting, entertaining and useful to everyone who lives, works and studies in Headington.

Where can I find it?

The Headington Occasional will be available free of charge in a number of outlets throughout Headington. Occasional subscribers will have each issue hand-delivered through their letterbox. For reasons of efficiency, environmental responsibility and sheer enjoyment all Occasional deliveries will be made by bike.

How can I help?

You can help launch the Headington Occasional by contributing in the following ways:

The Headington Occasional will be offering a variety of advertising options to local businesses looking to connect with their customer base throughout the greater Headington area. Affordable advertising packages will be available from as little as £25.

You can subscribe to the Occasional for £10 as an individual or £20 as a household. This will see every issue we produce hand-delivered to your door for a whole year. At this stage of the Occasional’s development your subscription represents a crowd-funding contribution to an ambitious hyper-local publishing project but we will be working with local businesses and organisations to explore ways in which we can add value and exclusive offers to the Occasional subscription package. Subscribe now.

If you would like to host copies of the Headington Occasional, perhaps for your customers or colleagues, please let us know and we will let you have a regular supply.

If you, your organisation, business, group, school or department is doing something that may be of interest to your fellow Headingtonians, drop us a line to let us know. We can’t promise to include everything but we’ll certainly do our best to get as much in as possible.